Household products and body care

We have a small but perfectly formed range of household cleaning products from companies such as Ecover, Bio D, Ecoleaf, Ecozone and Earth Friendly.

All use natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals.

Bodycare products, shampoos, conditioners, showergels and handwashes, handmade soaps and toothpastes come from companies like Faith in Nature, Urtekram, Organic Surge, Suma, Kingfisher and Amphora Aromatics.

We strive to make sure all products are environmentally friendly, contain natural ingredients and don’t contain harsh chemicals.

Creams, lotions and potions…

We stock hand and face creams from a wonderful local company called Skinny Dip who use Malvern water in their products, as well as lots of other lovely natural ingredients.

Essential Oils, Lip balms, muscle rubs, foot creams, eye gels, hand creams, face scrubs and Deodorant all come from companies such as Amphora Aromatics in Bristol, Jason, Biocare, Salt of the Earth and Lavera.

GALLERY –  Example of some of the toiletries we stock
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