About us

Established in 1978, The Bran Tub is a wholefood shop specialising in allergy and ‘free from’ diets. We stock around 4500 different products and use many specialist suppliers. Our passion for wholefoods, health and our many years in the industry has developed a considerable knowledge in food and how it should be used. We pride ourselves on helping customers make informed decisions about their health and food choices.

Tanya Gamlen and her team have been helping people for nearly 40 years. The demand for quality wholefoods and speciality diet ranges has increased over the years and we have strived to provide the most up to date information and products to our customers.

Our range of ‘free from’ foods is extensive and we research and sample the products to ensure we can provide the right products to our customers with a varied range of needs. Customers come from far and wide knowing that they can choose from a wide range of nutritional, healthy, suitable and quality goods.

The team at the Bran Tub are all knowledgeable in the products and some have training in nutrition, baking, cooking and all are allergy aware.

On the shelves

You can stock up your store cupboard with an abundance of nuts, seeds and dried fruits, our own recipe mueslis and oats in every form. Flours for bread, cake and ancient grain flours, superfoods like maca, chia and yacon. Beans and pulses, dried and tinned, rice from Arborio to basmati and grains from quinoa to millet and spelt to barley.   Wholegrain pasta and couscous, falafel and nut roast mixes, a great range of dried seaweeds and a huge range of of dried herbs and spices.

We stock those hard to find items like pink salt, mini figs, pure manuka honey, Indonesian long peppers, Emmer flour, Kefir, kombucha, live miso, seeds for sprouting and many others……

 We have an extensive range of gluten free products that you cannot get in the supermarkets including a great handmade bread from Swifts Bakery of Ludlow (….the same Richard Swift as seen on Victorian Bakers on the BBC…) and an abundance of flours from teff and coconut to buckwheat and tapioca. Flour mixes for baking and cooking, treaty biscuits and cake, snacks that are sweet and savory, cereals, muesli, granola and excellent ready to roll gluten free pastry.

The range of sugar free items is growing. We have jams, marmalades and spreads with no added sugar. Alternatives to cane sugar such as coconut palm sugar, xylitol and rice syrup are becoming more popular. We stock chocolate, cakes and biscuits using sugar alternatives or no added sugar at all!

We are conscious of stocking products that are modern wheat free including rye, spelt and ancient grain flours, savories, cereals, and traditionally made bread from Common Loaf Bakery in Devon. Our own local cooks make fabulous homemade vegan cakes using spelt or ancient grains and they make some cake and flapjacks with no sugar.

 95% of the shop is dairy free so it is easy for vegans or those with allergies to shop with confidence. We have an abundance of milk alternatives from almond and soya to hemp and rice, desserts, ice cream, cheese, spreads and snacks.

Where are we?
Visit our contact us page for a map of our location in Malvern.